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12/14/08 09:18 AM #1    

Vicki Handler

Welcome to the Southwest High School Class Of 1979 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

12/18/08 04:36 PM #2    


Timothy Olson (Olson)

Hi Vicki, Great job on the web site. You deserve an A+

01/08/09 03:20 PM #3    

Taylor Ask (Lindstrom)

Wow, fun website. Those top 40 songs bring back some memories. Whoa! Great job. Can't wait to see everybody.

01/25/09 09:24 PM #4    

Vicki Handler

People - check out Dan Anderson's website - it's hilarious . . .! Love to see those "before and after" pics! Vicki

01/27/09 01:41 PM #5    


Timothy Olson (Olson)

To Dan Anderson - Great job on the photo's man. The Fulton one is awesome. And the hippie head band!!

02/07/09 10:13 AM #6    

William Murtha

Bill Murtha is alive. I look so foreward to see everyone.

02/07/09 05:12 PM #7    

Annette Lundberg (Felts)

The Westin is a great pick!

02/09/09 07:11 AM #8    

Sandy Ince (Keil)

FABULOUS website!!
Thanks to everyone who has worked at pulling this together - NICE job!
Looking forward to seeing everyone in August.

02/20/09 11:53 AM #9    

Jodell (Jody) Soldin

What a great job on the website. Where did 30 years go?

03/01/09 02:22 PM #10    

Joseph Hansen

remember when a texas instrument calculator cost over a hundred and fifty bucks and you couldn't use them in school and now look at all of you old people and your skills with computers. The web site is great and i will visit it often.

03/13/09 09:56 AM #11    

Shawn McHugh

Hey, a couple things... still deciding if I can get there, But the hotel is sold out....
Next under all the classmates that died. Phillip Johnston died when we were in school. Im 90% sure it was 77?
Last, HELLO to everyone on here. I'll update my profile soon.

04/29/09 09:43 AM #12    


Timothy Olson (Olson)

Hey Gang,
As of Today, 4-29-09, the Hotel is not sold out.
You can book via and get rates as low as $149 plus taxes. Or $209. check it out.

04/29/09 05:12 PM #13    

Mary Dick (Maloney)

Hey- Congratulations to Bill Murtha and his family! His son was drafted by the Detroit Lions over the weekend!

05/16/09 01:00 AM #14    

Douglas Robbins

Hey Vicki and Linda,

Thanks for all your work setting this up. Thanks also to whoever sent me the postcard informing me of the reunion. Special thanks to the person who tracked me down. There couldn't have been more than one or two of you out there that knew how to find me. Amber and I hope to see you all, however we have a major scheduling conflict we're trying to work through.


07/19/09 07:45 PM #15    

Lynn Zecca (Von Sien)

Just for fun: if anyone remembers the radio station U100 there are a ton of recordings posted here:

08/02/09 10:57 PM #16    

Scott Parker

Is anyone out there in contact with Larry Keesling?
Last I heard he was in the Miami, FL. area....
Also, how about Ross Kuehne? He was working in England ten years ago.

Hope you can join us Saturday morning at 10:00 at Lake Calhoun. Families are welcome; you can run/walk/bike around Calhoun, or add Isles or Harriet. We will try to have a leader designated to guide you around, if you have forgotten the parkways...
We'll have water, juice, Gatorade, and hopefully food.
Meet at the southwest shoreline, north of the volleyball courts (36th and West Calhoun Parkway).
Parking on the parkway, or on 36th Street, or on Zenith Ave.

08/05/09 02:10 PM #17    

Jill Barber (Swing)

My oh my, how time flys by!! Countdown to our 30th, wow!!
I hope all is well for everyone. :) I haven't been to a reunion, since our 10th, so it will be fun to see everyone. I know at the 10th, i had a blast. Does anyone remember bubs daddys?? I used to love that gum, because i could blow monster bubbles. I don't think the stores sell it anymore. See ya next sat. jilly :)

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